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Honey Crunch Muesli – Nourish Organics – Pack of 2


Honey Crunch Muesli is crunchy and satisfying granola that everyone will enjoy! A bowl of this muesli is packed with amazing goodness, full of heart-healthy fiber, strengthening plant protein, nourishing omega-3’s – all sweetened with a golden touch of honey. Mix with your favorite yogurt, chopped apple, and dates for an energizing start to your day!

No added refine sugar

Permissible within the required calorie intake

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Serving Info – Open & munch away

Quantity – 300gm each pack.

Ingredients – Wheat flakes (23%), Barley flakes (23%), Oats flakes (18%), Organic honey (10%), Organic flax seeds (7%), Organic raisin (5%), Melon seeds (5%), Organic cashew nuts (4%), Organic almonds (3%), Organic walnuts (2%) & Vanilla powder.

Storage and Shelf Life – 360 days.

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